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Harmony Farms is finally expanding into the space next door! Construction is hopeful to begin first week June 2019 and ready for the public by  first week of July 2019. This new space will include a dedicated Education Seminar Room and a Shared Professional Office. Thus I will be coming off Sabbatical by the end of summer and resume Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Teaching and taking clients this fall!

*Energy Medicine Sessions are $100 per hour. First Session an up to 30 minute Get To Know You Consultation is Free. Most Sessions only last 1 hour. Stay tuned for when I officially am off sabbatical this fall 2019!

*I still will take Natural Lifestyle Consultations on the Harmony Farms Floor which are $100 that include a review of your questions, challenges and goals, all medicinal products you take, other medicinal practices, and selection of products from Harmony Farms. Follow up Sessions if necessary $40.

*COMBO of both Energy Medicine and Natural Lifestyle Consultation $175 first time. Subsequent Combo’s would be $100 for Energy Medicine $40 for Natural Lifestyle Consultation.

***Scheduled Energy Medicine Sessions and or Natural Lifestyle Consultations at Harmony Farms; please email me if you would like to schedule a Session- these Sessions are held at Harmony Farms www.Harmony-Farms.net or  Long.HarmonyFarms@gmail.com  

***I am also taking clients for Space Clearing. Please click on the Space Clearing tab to learn more and contact me to make an appointment and get a quote! Long.HarmonyFarms@gmail.com

***Of course, Please stop by Harmony Farms Natural Health Food Store for the finest foods and supplements sold in our area, and the incredible Organic JUICE BAR!!! www.Harmony-Farms.net Conveniently located at the corner of Creedmoor and Millbrook Roads ast 5653 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC 27612, 919-782-0064. Se you in Harmony!!!

REFERRALS: There is a Healer for everyone! If my info is not striking the right vibe with you please check out the other incredible Healers whom I know personally and highly recommend:

Debbie Jordon (my first Usui Reiki Student to go through the entire classes to become Traditional Usui Reiki Master) www.MindBodySpiritSalon.com , Rev. Mary Mooney (my Teaching Master) www.RevMaryMooney.com , Diana Henderson www.DianaHenderson.net , and Vicki Penninger www.TheReikiChannel.com .


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