Tibetan Chakra Toning is one of several systems in the world (Aramaic, Kabbalic, Shamanic, Vedic) that match a Tone- chanted, spoken or sung- with each of the major Chakras of the Human Energy Field. Utilizing Toning during healings adds power, and quickens the Healing. Toning can balance the Chakras, heal torn Chakras, help remove traumas from the Chakras, and can also help balance and clear the energy in any physical space such as your home.

I employ Toning during many of my Healing Sessions and find Toning to be quite the valuable Healing Tool!

Approximately twice a year I hold a Tibetan Chakra Toning Class either on a Saturday or Sunday. The class is approximately 4 hours and we learn all the Tibetan Chakra Tones and also use them during a Healing Session.

Class is $100 per person. Please check out the Bulletin Board for the next scheduled class, or you can email me at Long.HarmonyFarms@gmail.com to ask to be put on the Class Alert List.


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