Space Clearing for Home & Work!

Space Clearing is an ancient technique that rids any space of unwanted and unwelcome energies. These types of energies are usually formed from emotional and traumatic events that took place in the space- such as a heated argument with a loved one or even a natural disaster. When we have heated arguments with a loved one we create an energetic scar or imprint in the energy field of that space. If this imprint is not removed it can actually get bigger and stronger that can actually subconsciously trigger antagonized memories each time you walk through the imprint thus agitating your mood.

When these imprints are left in your space over time they will lower the energetic vibration of your space causing blockages in your creativity and your ability to truly connect to your heart centeredness and your life path.

Thus, keeping your space clear is very important. We review some of these techniques in Reiki II class, but they are easy to learn.

When I clear your space I want you to be there to learn how to do it for your self as it is relatively easy. I use a sage smudge stick, earthen bowl with sand and white sage, a feather, toning and Blessings to clear your space. Sometimes, my wife Nancy assists with these professional clearings, and the fee stays the same if she is involved in the clearing.

This is my Fee Scale:

-1000 sqft or less:   $125

-1k sqft to 2k sqft:   $150

-2k sqft to 3k sqft:   $200

-3k sqft to 4k sqft:   $250

-over 4k sqft:            $300 or more pending size

* additional $50 for property clearing pending size of property

Please email me at  if you are interested in having me clear, balance & revitalize your space so that once again you will have the positive energies flowing around you to create for yourself that joyous life you want!


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