What is Reiki

I am now Retired from Teaching. Please view this page as an education into Traditional Usui Reiki Teaching. On my Home Page I have listed several other Recommended Reiki Teachers in our areas. Thank You!


Usui Shiki Royoho Reiki is translated as The Usui System for Natural Healing, and was re-introduced to the world ove 120 years ago by a Japanese Buddhist Healer Mikao Usui. Reiki is simply defined as “Spiritually guided universal life force energy” and is now taught all over the world!

I teach in the “Traditional Western Way” meaning that there are Three Degrees, each taught with a minimum of 21 days in between, and includes the original amount of Attuements: 4 in First Degree, 2 in Second Degree, 1 Master Attunement. Also, Master Class is taught in a comprehensive manner in which you will audit First and Second Degrees twice so that you will facilitate Attunements the secound time around, and that by the time you are done with Master Class you could also be a Master Teacher as well if you wished. There is not a separated level for a Master Teacher Class. You must complete the entirety of the Master Class program to be considered a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master.

First Degree is a historical review, learning of the Reiki Hand Placements, includes Four Attunements, perform Reiki on yourself and your pets, learn why Reiki is a foundational Energy Medicine that is a vastly important Healing Tool for your entire life, and much more!

First Degree Investment: $175/ Taught over one weekend 6 hours each day; includes fabulous lunch courtesy Harmony Farms- please inform me of any dietary restrictions.

Second Degree offers expanded Reiki Healing Session practice, and the followign valuable techniques that will assist your Healing Path in profoundly wonderful ways! Learn the amazing and powerful modality of Long Distance Healing with Reiki, learn the Reiki Power Symbols, intro to the Human Energy Field and Chakras, and Two Attunements. Open discussions of Energy Medicine curiosities often lead to incredible learning journeys! Graduates of Second Degree Reiki are then ready to facilitate Reiki Sessions for friends and family on an exchange basis!

Second Degree Investment: $200/ Taught over one weekend 6 hours each day; includes fabulous lunch courtesy Harmony Farms- please inform me of any dietary restrictions.

Master Degree is a very in depth study of Energy Medicine, how to have a practice, audit of each Degree Classes twice while during the second audit facilitating the Attunements, and also receiving your Master Attunement. The Third Degree Reiki Master Student will be prepared to open a viable Healing Practice and facilitate Healing Sessions for clients!

Master Degree Investment: $960/ This class usually takes at least 6 months to complete, thus you have the option to pay in full at beginning of class, or through installmants (6 installments of $160 is what most students prefer)

Reiki is a foundational energy healing system, and is a vey important life tool that will aid you in understanding your Life Path, helping yourself to heal and stay healthy, and helping those around you!

Come have fun and learn Reiki with us!

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