What is Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an accredited Therapeutic Energy Medicine technique whereby the Practitioner utilizes the Human Energy Field Healing Energy through the hands to the recipient in a Heart Centered method. Healing Touch is mostly condition specific and works with all Levels of the Human Energy Field and all the Chakras to achieve balance in the Human Energy Field along with balancing and healing the Mind, Emotions, Physical Body and Spirit of the recipient.

Healing Touch was founded in 1989 by Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN, and is sponsored by the American Holistic Nurses Assocation. Identical Programs are taught all over the United States and World by Certified Healing Touch Practitioner Teachers. There are Five Levels, with the Fourth Level allowing the student then become a Healing Touch Therapist; upon graduating Level Five the Therapist then becomes a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.

I have been a Healing Touch Therapist since 2004.

For more information, and or if you are interested in learning Healing Touch, please visit www.HealingTouchProgram.com


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